Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ready Player One

Warning: Only read this book if you are fully comfortable with your inner geek! This book is highly addictive nerd candy, and once you get your first taste you can't stop reading!

I'll be honest here and tell you that I would have never read this book if it had not been recommended and given to me by a friend(Shout out to Krissy here!). I am not a gamer and video games seemed to be a big part of this book. However, I am a child of the 80's and the references to the culture that I grew up in did seem intriguing. So, I gave the book a try- and I am soooo glad that I did!

Brief Summary: Wade Watts is a teenager in the dystopian realm of 2044. Much of the time of Wade(and everyone else) is awake is spent on OASIS, a virtual utopia where humans can interact with each other without ever actually coming face to face. Wade's real life is spent in a bleak, poverty stricken and dangerous environment, as there is a great recession and energy crisis affecting the entire planet. OASIS is the respite from this bleak world that everyone needs. The creator of OASIS dies, leaving a cryptic message which, when unravelled, will lead to the discovery of a very well-hidden "Easter egg" within OASIS. Whomever finds this egg will be the heir to the massive fortune and will have complete control of OASIS. Let the roller coaster adventure begin!

I truly loved this book. I read it through in one sitting. I was absolutely delighted by all of the 80's references, which is the decade that I grew up in. I was shocked to found that how much I enjoyed the video game aspect of the book. The riddles and quests are so well done that I found myself forgetting that I am not a gamer. In fact,the riddles and the quests were reminiscent of Indiana Jones to me, except set in the 80's and much, much nerdier(you didn't think there were things much nerdier than Indiana Jones, did you?). I found myself carrying my e-reader with me so that I could read all evening, even through the family dinner(Sorry, Mom!).

Final rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars(although Goodreads doesn't allow 1/2 stars, darn it,so 5 stars there) for the pure, addictive, nostalgic romp that is this book.


  1. I have been waiting to read this book for forever. I have it on my 2013 TBR challenge. Good to hear from another person that it is a great book.

  2. SOOO glad you liked it - I was afraid that it was just because my hubby is a gamer so I "got it" on that level. I'm sure that Peggy will forgive us!