Friday, February 15, 2013

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

In The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, newlyweds Tom and Isabel Sherbourne are the lighthouse keepers on Janus Rock, nearly a half day's journey from other people. Life on this solitary place is idyllic, except for the fact that Isabel has had two miscarriages and one stillbirth and is desperately wanting for a child. It seems as if her every wish has been granted when a boat washes ashore with a dead man and a healthy, living baby. Isabel chooses to claim this child for her own. After two years, Tom and Isabel return to the mainland to discover that their choice may have brought them joy, but has brought others great grief.

This insomniac's opinion:

This is M.L. Stedman's debut novel. You would never know that from this beautifully written novel, however. Somehow, the writing beguiled me into feeling such compassion for all of the parties involved that I was unsure how I wanted the novel to end. I was deeply moved by the plight of Isabel in her desperation to have a child. Even though I knew that keeping the baby without looking for her family was wrong, I understood how seductive a baby washing up would be to a mother who just gave birth to a stillborn baby two weeks before. How it would seem as though God, himself, had given you what you had been praying for. I found that I could not judge her for this. Even as everything comes apart for this family, I still managed to have complete compassion for her.(While also realizing that if someone stole my baby from me, all bets are off and they, of course, must die.)

Worth staying up all night to read?

Absolutely. Bring your tissues for the end.


4.5 stars

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  1. I can't wait to read this book although I can't imagine keeping a baby without searching for the mother and father I have never been in a position where I had difficulties having children.