Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Girl and Five Brave Horses

Synopsis(via Goodreads):

This autobiography is the true story of Sonora Webster Carver who dove with horses from 40' towers in the 1920's. Dr. W.F. Carver, who ran the show, had previously started "The Wild West" shows with his friends, Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickok. (The movie 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken' is loosely based on her life.)

This insomniac's opinion:

The movie 'Wild Horses Can't Be Broken' was one of my favorite movies as a teenager. I had a raging crush on Matthew Schoeffling, the actor that played Al Carver's character. I watched the VHS of this movie until it broke. That was a sad, sad day, my friends.

Anyhow, the other week this movie came on the television and I excitedly sat down to watch it with my two daughters. At the end of the movie I noticed that the movie was based on the autobiography of Sonora Webster Carver and immediately decided that I must read this book!

I admit that the book is not well written, but its not terrible, either. Sonora lived an absolutely extraordinary life and had a wonderful, positive spirit. Her strength and perseverance to continue horse diving after being blinded in an accident was inspiring to say the least. The story of Dr. W.F. Carver is also interwoven in the book, and his story was so astonishing it almost seemed like fiction! This book was a fascinating read and a peek back into simpler times.

Worth staying up all night to read?

It is a little slow-moving, but very interesting. So, yes!


4 stars for magnificent inspiration!

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