Saturday, September 21, 2013

ARC review: The Back Road by Rachel Abbott


*Many thanks to Net Galley and Amazon publishing for giving me an advance reader's copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. *
Synopsis(via Goodreads):
One girl is fighting for her life.
One village is struggling to hold tight to its secrets.

When a young girl is knocked over and left for dead at the side of
the road, the small community of Little Melham goes into shock. Why
was Abbie out so late at night, and why wasn't she missed?

For Ellie Saunders, the truth about that night could put her marriage
and even the safety of her children in jeopardy. She has to protect
her family, no matter what the consequences.

Former DCI Tom Douglas thought that Little Melham would offer a
peaceful retreat from the daily trauma of his work for the Met. But
as he is drawn into the web of deceit, his every instinct tells him
that what happened to Abbie was more than a tragic accident.

Only one person knows the whole story - why Abbie was out that night,
and who was driving the car. For that person, the accident spells
disaster, and somebody has to pay.
This insomniac's opinion:
Holy buckets, this novel was intense! I'm fairly sure that I lost a couple of centimeters off of each of my fingernails during the reading of this intense novel.
The novel opens with a creepy flashback which immediately made me wonder what on Earth I had gotten into when agreeing to review this novel. It was a stormy night in my neck of the woods and, after my hubs went to bed, I had decided to stay up and read. Immediately after starting this novel, I realized that I was not reading any sort of fairy tale and let the creeptastic reading experience commence. The novel reminded me a bit of a Gillian Flynn novel in the sense that the reader never knows what is coming next and there are twists and turns nearly every chapter. However, unlike a Flynn novel, the characters were likeable(for the most part). The original mystery of what had happened to Abbie quickly morphs into a myriad of mysteries that I couldn't wait to get to the bottom of. I voraciously finished this novel in one night, as evidenced by my bloodshot, tired eyes the next morning.
Worth staying up all night to read?
I did!
Rating: 4 stars

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