Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma

Synopsis(via Goodreads):
When Alice Ozma was in 4th grade, she and her father decided to see if he could read aloud to her for 100 consecutive nights. On the hundreth night, they shared pancakes to celebrate, but it soon became evident that neither wanted to let go of their storytelling ritual. So they decided to continue what they called "The Streak." Alice's father read aloud to her every night without fail until the day she left for college.

Alice approaches her book as a series of vignettes about her relationship with her father and the life lessons learned from the books he read to her.
This insomniac's opinion:
*contented sigh*
Oh, how I adored this book. As a raging bibliophile, I delight in finding others that share my passion for books. This book is the most delightful read about a father(a school librarian with an extraordinary and quirky love for reading out loud) and his daughter, Alice and their "streak". The streak began as a pact to read for 100 nights that stretched into a streak that went on for years.

This book was beautiful in so many ways. The relationship between Alice and her father, their shared love of books and the impact that their reading had on others around them. If you are a fellow bibliophile, this is a must read!

I feel that I must mention another book in this review as it is another must read for fellow bibliophiles. If you have not read The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe, you must add it to your TBR stack immediately! More details here.

Worth staying up all night to read?

Yes! Then pass it on, my bookish buddies!


5 stars. Big ole' stars bright enough to read by.

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