Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike

Synopsis(via Goodreads):
Toward the end of the Vietnam era, in a snug little Rhode Island seacoast town, wonderful powers have descended upon Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie, bewitching divorcĂ©es with sudden access to all that is female, fecund, and mysterious. Alexandra, a sculptor, summons thunderstorms; Jane, a cellist, floats on the air; and Sukie, the local gossip columnist, turns milk into cream. Their happy little coven takes on new, malignant life when a dark and moneyed stranger, Darryl Van Horne, refurbishes the long-derelict Lenox mansion and invites them in to play. Thenceforth scandal flits through the darkening, crooked streets of Eastwick—and through the even darker fantasies of the town’s collective psyche.
This insomniac's opinion:
Dear Mr. Updike(and all male authors)- Your masculine idea of what a "strong" woman is seems to always be a nymphomanical bitch. When you write a group of women and all of them seem to have this personality, it cannot be a coincidence. And, it disgusts me. So much so, that I cannot get past my disgust to get into your novel. The writing was fine, the plot was intriguing- yet, I am left with only disgust. And, that's a hard taste to get out of your mouth. Blech.
Worth staying up all night to read?
No. The movie, however, is entertaining and less offensive.
2 stars. My friend Christine rightfully thought I should lower my rating to 1 star. However, the writing isn't egregious enough to warrant this. Assholery alone doesn't warrant a one star review. Sigh.

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