Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks

Summary(via Goodreads):
Budo is Max's imaginary friend. But though only Max can see him, he is real. He and the other imaginary friends watch over their children until the day comes that the child stops imagining them. And then they're gone. Budo has lasted a lot longer than most imaginary friends - four years - because Max needs him more. His parents argue about sending him to a special school. But Max is perfectly happy if everything is just kept the way it is, and nothing out of the ordinary happens. Unfortunately, something out of the ordinary is going to happen - and then he'll need Budo more than ever.
This insomniac's opinion:
This was a very uniquely written novel. I very much loved the first half of the novel. The second half, unfortunately, had a few too may action-movie type sequences, which just isn't my style. The narrator in this novel is an imaginary friend, which is unique and superbly done. The story unravels wonderfully throughout most of the novel and was an enjoyable, suspenseful read.
I imagine this novel to be in the same category as Room by Emma Donoghue-you will likely either love it or hate it.
Worth staying up all night to read?
I think so, but I do think this will be a polarizing read.
Rating: 4 stars for pure imagination

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