Monday, August 22, 2016

5 Books for Back-to-School(to ease little one's fears)

Back to school can be a rough time of year for kiddos. The transisition from the easy living of summer into the school year can be tough on the body and the emotions. (Also hard on Mommy!) I'm making a short list here of books that helped ease the transition for my children in the preschool and younger elementary years.

1. The Kissing Hand

To be honest I get a little choked up just looking at this book. It helped all three of my children with the transisition to Kindergarten and each of my children has their own keepsake copy. It is a sweet story of a Mama and her raccoon son and a reminder that the bond of a parent and child is just as strong even when they aren't together.


2. Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes 

This one is especially great for little fans of the Pete the Cat series. In this book Pete, wearing his school shoes, explores that school all while dancing and singing. A fun, lighthearted read that boys especially seem to enjoy.


3. How Do Dinosaurs Go to School

Another book from a familiar series. This book is brightly illustrated and celebrates the rambunctious nature of children. Bonus: the prose is fun for parents to read!


4. Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!

This is a simple picture book with a simple message: Kindergarten is fun and something to look forward to!


5. Little Lola

Sweet little Lola, a cat, is curious about everything. She decides one day to follow a curiosity onto the school bus and go to school. The kids have never seen a cat at school but welcome her anyway and Lola ends up having the time of her life!


I'm sure there are plenty more back-to-school books where these came from. What is your child's favorite back-to-school book?

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